My coaching/training is directed towards supporting to build mental resilience, with the purpose of enabling you and your teams to improve work performance, feel more motivated, and be more confident in your own abilities.

Whether you have trainees just starting out on their working journey, parents having to juggle the many challenges a working life presents, or HR professionals and business leaders trying to build a business that will thrive and perform at its best.  The challenges are real and occur in every business.

Change will always be imposed on us whether we welcome it or not.  Supporting individuals to focus on personal development should be a priority, it begins with self-awareness.  This is so important in determining how we react and respond to change.

If employee wellbeing is suffering, then your organisational culture will be negatively impacted too.  Create a positive environment where your employees can thrive and give their best every day.


I offer training and group coaching to help promote positive emotional wellbeing.  Building resilience not only helps with navigating change, but it’s required in building and maintaining relationships, dealing with difficult people, and when we face positive changes in life.

The emphasis is on helping employees to enhance their wellbeing so that they can thrive both at work and at home.  Creating that healthy work-life balance.  It will help your employees feel a greater sense of control and enable them to perform better.

My areas of expertise are building confidence and resilience, stress management, dealing with difficult emotions through change, performance development, and goal setting.

I’d love to support you with the wellbeing and development of your people.  I offer packages tailored to your business needs.  If you would like to find out more then let’s arrange a virtual chat.



Do you or a member of your team need some extra support?  Many people struggle with low self-confidence and it often holds them back from achieving their goals.

Do you need support through a period of change?  Perhaps you have recently returned from a period of leave and looking to transition back to work.

Are you struggling to focus due to negative self-talk and overthinking? Perhaps you are concerned because productivity is decreasing.

Do you need some support to help build confidence and presence at work?  You might be looking to make the transition to your next role.

I support individuals to develop a deep level of self-awareness, understanding their strengths, and building the confidence to enable them to step into their potential.  Empowering the individual to grow as a person and a leader.

If you would like to find out more then let’s arrange a virtual chat.



I provide HR support to a small number of clients.  I work with you to fully understand your culture and business needs so that I can deliver solutions bespoke to you.

I have over 16 years’ experience in HR and have operated in a variety of roles leading up to Head of HR/HR Director level.  Therefore I have a deeper appreciation for both the day to day operational and strategic pressures in businesses today.

If you are a small business that needs some practical HR solutions to support your growth, or a specific project, then please get in touch.