Thanks so much for popping by.

I’m married and a busy mum to two daughters.  In the day you’ll catch me sipping on a flat white and come evening I’ll be enjoying a nice glass of wine.  Only at the weekend’s mind!

I like to run, get out in nature, and you’ll probably catch me reading a personal development book.  Oh, and I love a good quote!

I am passionate about helping others to become the best version of themselves.  Let’s face it life is too short to carry on standing on the side-lines.  It’s time to finally step out from the shadows and discover your true potential.

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.”  – Stephen King


My background is in HR and I have spent over 16 years working across different industries, but most of my time has been spent in Professional Services.  I always loved my career, but then I didn’t know any different because I was always on the daily hamster wheel and living on autopilot.

Confidence was always something that held me back in the early days of my career.  You see I was a reflector and often felt safer sitting on the side-lines.  As I worked my way up into more senior roles, my confidence grew and I finally came out of my shell, feeling comfortable when speaking up and just being me.

Life got more challenging when I had my two daughters whilst trying to continue in my HR career.  Trying to balance a busy role, children, and a home is a juggling act and certainly tested my own resilience at times.  When I started moving into leadership roles, I realised I was no longer doing the roles I loved.  Spending my days in meetings and navigating spreadsheets didn’t play to my strengths.

I was fed up with working long hours, neglecting my own self-care at times, and not always having time with my children.  Quite often we get so caught up in our busy lives that we play it safe and stick with what we know.  Many people hide on the hamster wheel because it’s often easier.  I knew deep down I wasn’t feeling fulfilled, but there were still things I wanted to achieve.  It was finally time for me to step out of my comfort zone!

So, I made the decision to take back control and work on finding balance and living a calmer and happier life.

I went on my own personal development journey and left my HR career behind.  Sometimes we are often scared of doing that inner work, but it’s worth the investment.  It helped me to find my purpose and what I’m truly passionate about.  When you start believing in yourself you take action.

I bring a grounded and natural perspective to my work.  I’m a working parent so I understand what it’s like juggling children with modern working life.  It’s easy to lose ourselves along the way.

You have to learn to slow down and find that time to reconnect with yourself.  Things won’t seem so scary when you are truly aligned with your passion and values.  Now I get to help others in becoming the best version of themselves.



I’m guessing you have been exploring the benefits of working with a coach by now, but it’s important to find the right one for you.

I have been where you are now so I get it and I can take you on your own transformation journey.

I’ve had a successful career in HR and it’s still something very close to my heart.  I spent a lot of my career coaching and mentoring others whether that was business leaders or employees.  It’s something I have always enjoyed.

I’m committed to my own personal development to continue to challenge myself and strive to be the best I can be.

I have two daughters, so I understand what it’s like juggling a busy career or a business with family life.

I am passionate about helping others achieve more of what they want to in life and step into their true potential.

My relevant credentials

I’m CIPD qualified and a Chartered Member of the Institute of Personnel & Development.  Qualified in psychometric testing and a member of The British Psychological Society Division of Occupational Psychology.  I’m a certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, TimeLine Therapy Practitioner, Energy Practitioner, Mental Health First Aider and MBSR in Mindfulness.  I’m continuing my studies further in Wellness & Resilience so I can continue to evolve my business.