Helping busy professionals to feel resilient, confident, and calm so that they can thrive both in their personal and professional lives.

Looking after our wellbeing helps us to perform at our highest level, improve our mindset and feel happier in life.

1:1 Coaching

 I am passionate about supporting quietly ambitious women to grow in confidence and transform their own wellbeing so that they can discover their true potential.


If you are looking to strengthen mental resilience across your teams then please pop over to my consultancy page.  I provide coaching and training to help individuals and teams enhance their own wellbeing so that they can thrive and perform at their best.


Burnout is real and can happen to anyone, no matter how strong you think you are.  Whether you are an individual or an organisation, do not wait until it becomes a problem before you take action.  We all know that both personal and employee wellbeing should be a priority, but quite often it gets put to the bottom of the pile either due to lack of time, budgets, or resources to drive it.

Burnout can leave people feeling exhausted, empty and unable to cope with the demands of life.  Many people spend a lot of their time working so if you aren’t happy in your job or struggling in your own business then it can take its toll on your life.  Taking a break might help in the short term, but you need to focus on strategies that will have a bigger impact and create lasting change.  Building resilience and a strong mindset is key and helps us get through the challenges.

“Resilience is not just for surviving the worst day of your life, it’s for thriving every day of your life.”  – Dr Rick Hanson.

We all experience change in our lives, sometimes we know change is going to happen, while other times it comes unexpectedly.  Looking after our mental wellbeing is so important as it affects how we feel about all areas of our life.  It can help us improve the way we feel every day and prepare us for the times when we aren’t feeling our best.  When our self-esteem is low, we tend to see ourselves in a more negative light. Working on ourselves and becoming more self-aware helps us learn how to better cope in our ever-complicated world.

Hi, I’m Sarah

I am passionate about helping others to become the best version of themselves.  I believe that we all have the resources within us to truly step into our potential.  Sometimes we just need a bit of help to get us there.

Building a resilient mindset is key in helping us navigate through change in life.  If you are struggling with confidence and mindset then you are not alone.  In today’s modern world we often feel that we need to make our lives busy and give ourselves little time to relax and do the inner work.

We all have moments in life where low self-confidence and feelings of overwhelm can take over.  We need to try and remove those doubts and focus on our talents and wellbeing.  I know it’s hard when your inner critic is holding you back, but there’s work we can do to help you build your confidence so that you can discover your true potential and start stepping into it.  It’s time to prioritise your own self-care and look after you.  If you are feeling stuck or craving more then let’s chat.

It’s time to explore your current emotional wellbeing and help you combat the challenging emotions that stand in your way of future success.  Imagine what life would be like if you could reclaim that sense of calm and work towards increased self-confidence, freedom, and emotional wellbeing.  Deep down you know you are capable of achieving more so let’s make it happen.



Are you ready to achieve more in life, but right now you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed?

Are you struggling to stay confident and perform at your highest level?  Do you keep playing it safe and standing on the side-lines?  Do you always focus on your weaknesses rather than your strengths?  Do you regularly doubt your own abilities?

Maybe you’ve been so busy in life that your sense of identity feels like it has been eroded by a title.  Are you tired of navigating stress and work/life balance?  You feel conflicted trying to please others?  Your own wellbeing suffers because you are often putting yourself last, leaving you at high risk of burnout.

Are you an over thinker and perfectionist?  You end up not taking any action at all.

Is fear of failure getting in the way?  You always seem to be busy, but you’re avoiding the one thing you want to change.  Deep down you know things can’t continue like this and you’re fed up with your own excuses.

Do you want to finally feel calm, confident, and take action?

Good!  Let’s get you working on your goals and ambitions.  But first, there’s some inner work we need to do.  Think how good it would feel to finally have the confidence to say no to others and put yourself first.

It’s time to stop holding yourself back.



It’s time to reconnect with your true self.  To find clarity in exactly what you want to achieve and understand what’s getting in your way.  Let’s put you on the right path so that you find the confidence to start going for what truly matters to you.

Imagine moving forward with a life that is perfectly aligned with who you are.  We all have our own version of what success looks like and it’s important to get there in a way that works for you.  Follow your passion and stay true to yourself.  You can still be quietly confident and step into your potential.


I spent over 16 years working in HR and worked my way up into leadership roles.  I’ve always been quietly ambitious, never one to shout about it.  The truth is it can be a noisy world out there, but that doesn’t mean as someone that is quieter or more reserved that you have to hideaway.  No way!  I can tell you now that the secret ingredient for working on your confidence is working on you.

During my career, I saw so many other women struggling with work-life balance and low self-confidence.  It can be tough juggling everything.  When we lack confidence, we tend to shrink in on ourselves which stops us from reaching our full potential.  I wanted to be able to support others to increase their confidence and achieve better wellbeing.

It’s only when you do that inner work you get to know your fears and can see when they start popping up and try getting in your way.  I know this because I have been on my own journey whilst training to be a coach.  When you become confident in who you really are then you can embrace all that life has to offer.  I will share with you everything I have learnt to help you take back control, prioritise your own wellbeing and elevate to your highest potential.

I truly believe that when we unlock our strengths and believe in ourselves, that’s when the magic really starts to happen.


I use a blend of coaching, NLP techniques, and psychometrics in my work depending on your own bespoke needs.  Wellbeing is the foundation of all my work.

I am a calm and compassionate coach, and I am here to guide, challenge, and champion you through your transformation.

I can work with clients anywhere remotely via zoom or face to face if local to Hampshire, UK.