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Reduce stress and prevent burnout

Hi I'm Sarah, welcome!

I'm an Emotional Resilience Coach specialising in confidence and self-esteem. I'm passionate about supporting quietly ambitious women to take control of both their mental and emotional health.

If you are looking for some support to become your most confident and resilient self then you've come to the right place.

We all go through periods in our life where things can feel overwhelming and it can impact our self-confidence. You should never feel guilty for wanting things to be different or wanting more.

Low self-confidence can impact different areas of our life such as personal life, work life, and health. It can hold us back from achieving our goals. I can tell you now that the secret ingredient for working on your confidence is working on you. 

Confidence is about remembering who you are and what you value in life. You might be quieter, shy, or more reserved, but you can still enjoy greater self-confidence in a way that feels natural to you.

You have to learn to create space for yourself. When you take better care of yourself you start to feel calmer, more balanced, and happier in life. You can move forward knowing how to deal with your inner doubts and create the positive change you keep thinking about. It's time to take action and take that first step.

It's time to develop your emotional resilience

In today’s modern world it’s easy to feel disconnected from ourselves and those around us because we’re so busy ‘doing’ all the things, but it can leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed.

As a quiet, caring, and empathetic person you often put others first. From the outside, it might look like you have it all together, but inside you’re desperately trying to spin all the plates. The trouble is you end up spreading yourself too thin and don't feel like you're able to complete anything properly. This then has consequences both at home and at work.

You might feel like you're failing at everything which can destroy your self-worth and self-esteem.

Your mind is feeling full right now. You internalise all your feelings and try to keep going, but you end up exhausted and then feel guilty for not being present with those around you.

You're fed up with neglecting your own needs and staying stuck in this cycle but lack the confidence to move forward.

Looking after your mental well-being is so important as it affects how you feel about all areas of your life. It can help you improve the way you feel every day and prepare you for the times when you aren’t feeling your best. When self-esteem is low, you tend to see yourself in a more negative light. I know it’s hard when your inner critic is holding you back, but you have so much untapped potential within you, don’t waste it. 

Working on yourself and developing your resilience will help you to manage your emotions better, understand what's within and outside of your control, identify how changing your attitude can change your outcomes, and how developing your self-belief will help you better cope with the pressures of modern-day living.

It’s time to release your fears and achieve whatever you want to in life. Confidence is like a muscle that you need to keep strengthening by taking small steps.

Deep down, you know you are capable of achieving more so let's make it happen.

I'm here to help you through my coaching services, wherever you are right now on your journey. It's time to focus on strategies that will have a bigger impact and create lasting change for you.

Let's talk!

"I had been struggling to prioritise myself for a long time and kept putting off speaking to someone about it. Sarah is warm and so supportive, I immediately felt comfortable working with her."

"I was feeling overwhelmed in my job and struggled to know where to start with making some changes. Sarah helped me to really break things down and put strategies in place to help me achieve my goals."

"It was good to have someone to talk to about my feelings. Sarah is very supportive and understands the nuances of being a busy working mother and I really appreciated that."

"I really enjoyed working with Sarah and found her to be a very supportive and empathic coach. She provided a safe space for me to explore some difficulties and some possible solutions."

"Sarah has a wonderful gentle style to coaching which is needed in the world."

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